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Asset Manager Advisory

Service Proposition

Shadow Due Diligence meetings

​> Test a new product or service pre launch

> Practice and test pre-pitch

> Work on products lacking traction

> Practice for inexperienced PMs / analysts

> Finesse your proposition for the UK market

I know your competitors' products and strengths and weaknesses, and I know what researchers are looking for in both institutional, LGPS or wholesale markets contexts.  Meetings and reporting are intensive and focus on strengths, articulation and areas for improvement.  An independent view gives new context and provides insight and feedback that may be challenging for your internal resource to voice.

Written & presentational material review

​> Review slide packs for key messaging

> Review draft RFPs, ensure you're the hitting key points without omissions

> Review pitch presentation/ written submissions

I have many years' experience reviewing written and presentations for a broad array of client types and asset classes.  I provide feedback on quality, clarity and omissions.  Reviews include clarity of process and philosophy, bespoke to the context of the buyer, review of ESG and risk management criteria, etc.  Where appropriate I make recommendations for enhancement.

Strategic review

> Evaluation of product range and recommendations for focus bespoke to the UK market and by sales channel

> Peer group analysis and benchmarking

> 2nd opinion on marketing strategy and product focus 

> Advice on UK sited events organisers

A fresh outlook can be invaluable in establishing marketing and product focus.  Particularly relevant to non-domiciled managers accessing the UK market.  Work is conducted at the macro level, e.g.  asset class focus to micro level, e.g. advising likely expected fund risk and return requirements and which competitor products may be complemented or displaced.

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